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Luxury Highland Hotel. Knockomie Hotel

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Knockomie's Scottish Highland Hotel Accommodation

At the Knockomie hotel, in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland, we are proud of our luxury bedrooms; not one is the same and they all have their fans! Over the next few years we intend to make them even more distinctive and memorable.

Ideas often come from our guests who share their dreams with us. The first to be themed was the Scottish Room at the request of an American couple that used the hotel frequently and sent their friends and colleagues to visit us.

So an idea was born. We now have a traditional Scottish Four-Poster room and a Colonial Four-Poster room within the Hotel, both very different offering completely unique experiences.

We have had requests for French, Chinese and Swiss rooms and these may well be completed in the near future.

The themes need not be countries; they could be a subject, for instance, gardens, bees or romance. The Bee theme seems like an odd choice until you hear the story behind it. The guest that inspired this theme had stayed at the hotel for a number of years. She always requested the same room and kept herself to herself. Nothing wrong in that, but after a number of visits I was invited to sit down and have a chat with her.

We talked for sometime passing the time of day and eventually I asked her why she liked our room so much as there were bigger rooms available with better views. "Ah" she said with an indication of superiority. "Its not a money thing my dear I could have whatever room I like! It is the room I like, it makes me feel safe and cosy, I love the combed ceilings." I ventured further into her reasons.

The Lady had been evacuated during World War 2 and was placed in a room similar to this one with her sister. She described them as, ironically some of the happiest days of her life. She went onto describe the productivity of the bees that they had kept, and the pulling together. That conversation seasoned my imagination and went some way to creating the Bee Room. So you never know, we might create a room with your story.

However to confuse things even further on our arrival at Knockomie we christened all the rooms after Scottish Highland Distilleries. As you will know or discover we are located at the Western gateway to the worlds only Malt Whisky Trail.

Themes will ensure that Knockomie Hotel continues to enjoy its reputation as one of the top destinations in Scotland for couples escaping the pressures of every day life.

We have several luxury accommodation types to offer you from our four poster bed, double rooms to twin rooms. All individually styled.

We do allow dogs in certain rooms at a charge of £5.00 per night.

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